This system utilizes advanced computer technology to assist Dr. Moroco in creating an ideal smile. The IQ system minimizes the impact of orthodontics in your life in terms of time and comfort.

An impression is taken of the teeth.  The IQ system creates a virtual model of the mouth. From there, Dr. Moroco can simulate numerous treatment solutions before deciding which is the best result for each individual patient.

With IQ, the days of placing braces “one by one” on your teeth is over and the time to get brackets is greatly reduced.


Advantages of OrthoCAD IQ

  • With the IQ system, top and bottom braces are placed as a single unit, rather than tooth by tooth, resulting in a shorter visit.
  • Less time in braces – because of increased accuracy, treatment times can progress faster than usual meaning less time in braces
  • Fewer adjustment visits – using this system, Dr. Moroco can fine tune bracket placement with unmatched precision, and as a result, follow up and adjustment visits are reduced.